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  • California / Gavin Newsom are on the wrong side of history when it comes to energy.


  • Russia & China have been financing a campaign that encourages the world to reduce Nuclear energy and Fossil fuel production,  ....while they RAMP UP their own.

  • Michael Shellenberger recently commented on this. End result...many countries are now dependent on Russian Energy OiI/ Gas / Electricity.  (Pretty good bait & switch!)

  • 600,000+ barrels of oil a day from Russia funded with $75 million of our taxpayer dollars.  (Good Job Joe!)

  • Elon Musk recently commented that Nuclear and Fossil fuel production needs to be ramped up.

  • Solar and wind contribute some energy, but can not meet the real world total demand.



Why are so many leaving the Progressive Democrat's Party? 
Not Kennedy's Democrat Party!

The are many reasons why so many are leaving the Progressive Democrat party. Higher Taxes , Job killing policies(AB5), Defunding the police, Crime, Inflation, High unemployment, Education, School Choice, Critical Race Theory, Open Borders/illegal immigration, Lax drug policies, Homelessness, Decay of cities, etc…etc..! The link below provides insight regarding why common sense leaders of the African American, Hispanic, and Asian community are leaving the Progressive Democrat's Party.

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