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Dalila Epperson is running for State Assembly District 30 and her platform is based on Parents Rights. She has been active in her community since her youth helping others understand the many bills that have been slowly eroding our natural rights. More recently, as a mother, she has been going to Sacramento to oppose the many bills that are taking away the rights of parents, such as the State sanctioned kidnap bill, among many others. Voting for Dalila will not only ensure that you’ll have a warrior in the Assembly to block these horrible bills, but she’ll be authoring bills to protect everyone’s natural rights: parents, children’s and all families. 

About Dalila

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     Besides being a grassroots leader, I am the proud wife of a firefighter and Navy Veteran, a happy mom of 3 adult children, and thrilled to have 2 beautiful grandchildren!  

     I am the Chapter President of the Monterey County Republican Assembly. A Judeo-Christian based Republican Organization. As the late President Reagan put it: "The Conscience of the Republican Party." (REAGAN)

     I am the First VP of the Monterey County Republican Women Federated. I have been on two Congressional Campaigns and am happy to serve and help. I know it's never been about politics but always about the people!

     I am fully motivated to be the representative and to fight for our country and state.  Everyone is fed up with Establishment Republicans. We need real people to lead. People who want to right our nation back in the direction our Founding Fathers envisioned, and tried to keep, through the Holy Spirit guided wisdom of the writing of the Constitution.  I also realize we are under attack by the Communist driven Left, and we need to act now, or forever lose our state, and America entirely. I am, and have always been, a Patriotic Republican. Help me by helping yourself. Join our Monterey County Republican Assembly. JOIN

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